Dear Investors or Locators, Myanmar being a developing  country in transition, is still faced with obstacles in many areas like many other countries in the region. The main obstacles to investors include, but not limited to, lack of adequate hard and soft infrastructures. The hard infrastructures can be built up in a short time if adequate level of funding is available; however, development of soft infrastructures in a short time is not easy as it requires the process of mindset change. The process of mindset change requires the process of evolution that takes time in many countries.

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Welcome to Thilawa, Welcome to Myanmar

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Digitization of Form G

On 8th of August 2019, we invited the representatives of companies operating in Thilawa SEZ for an introduction of digital format of Form G.

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The New Online Portal

The online portal is an Integrated system to provide better service to the investors in the Thilawa SEZ. Increase productivity and seamless integration between different department and investors are the goals of the new technology.

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Need Support?

Thilawa SEZ provides many ways to help and answer your questions.

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News at Thilawa

Tax Registration

Tax Registration

For tax-related registration and procedures.

Forwarding Goods

Forwarding Goods

For import and export procedures of the developer and investors.

Central Bank Procedure

Central Bank Procedure

For approval of offshore loan agreement.

VISA and Immigrations

VISA and Immigrations

Application for visa and stay permit for foreign investors, foreign investors and their families.